Aarkstore Point of Care Diagnostic Testing World Markets

Point of Care Diagnostic Testing World Markets
Factor of proper care examining (POCT) enables fast tests to be performed while the individual is at the purpose of proper care facility where outcomes can be obtained immediately, rather than waiting hours or even days for outside lab outcomes to arrive. Factor of proper care examining covers: blood vessels sugar examining, blood vessels gas and water research, fast coagulation examining, fast cardiac indicators diagnostics, drugs of abuse testing, urine strips examining, pregnancy examining, fecal occult blood vessels research, meals infection testing, hemoglobin diagnostics, contagious disease examining and cholesterol testing.

This TriMark Publications review describes latest developments in the purpose of proper care examining industry segment. It investigates medical equipment, gadgets and reagents and supplies as utilized in near-patient environments like hospital emergency rooms, critical proper care units, treatment centers and hospitals. The study describes the dollar volume of reason for proper care product sales and makes five year projections–both in the U.S. and worldwide–including Europe, Asia and Latin America. It also investigates in details the purpose of proper care industry for 25 individual country marketplaces. A specific conclusion of all essential equipment in each medical industry is provided with emphasis on newly introduced products. Moreover, parallel places where fast recognition is essential using hand-held gadgets such as fast recognition of meals infection and contagious diseases (MRSA, herpes simplex, avian flu, West Globe virus and typhoid) are mentioned. Development other staff and creating styles in reason for proper care applications, as well as technological innovation platform innovations and connectivity questions are analyzed in details. The review surveys almost all of the companies known to be promotion, manufacturing or creating equipment and reagents for the purpose of proper care industry in the U.S. and globally. Each company is mentioned in depth, with a section on its history, products, business and promotion research, and a subjective comments of the company’s industry position. Detailed tables and charts with product sales predictions and industry data are also included.
1. Summary 19

1.1 About This Report 19
1.2 Scope of the Report 21
1.3 Objectives 21
1.4 Methodology 21
1.5 Executive Summary 23

2. Summary of Analytic Testing Factor of Care Markets 26
2.1 Key Problems in the POC Analytic Testing Sector 30
2.1.1 Current Market Trends and Drivers 31
2.1.2 Effectiveness of POCT 32
2.1.3 New Development Areas for POCT 32
2.1.4 Advantages of POCT in a Clinical Setting 32
2.1.5 Pricing and Reimbursement Problems 33
2.1.6 Key Customer Segments 33
2.2 International Factor of Care Marketplace 34
2.3 Shifts from Central Lab Testing to POCT 35
2.4 Geographical Submission 35
2.5 Challenges of POCT 38
2.6 Key Problems for POCT 39
2.6.1 Locations of POCT 39
2.6.2 Objectives in Technology Development 41
2.6.3 Drive for Decentralization from Lab to Individual 41
2.6.4 Competitive Landscape for POCT 42
2.7 The Future of POCT 43

3. Summary Research into the International POCT Market: Value, Development Rates and Market Share 45
3.1 International POCT Market 45

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