Indian Pipe Industry: Trends & Opportunities (2013-2018)

Indian Pipe Industry: Trends & Opportunities (2013-2018)

Aarkstore Enterprise (India), 2nd August , 2013 : The review titled “Indian Pipe Industry: Styles and Opportunity (2013-2018)” examines the potential opportunities, challenges, requirement motorists and significant trends in the Native indian pipe industry. The review elucidates facts on the Native indian Pipe Industry, supplemented by the newest available statistics. The review also profiles and examines the leading five companies in the pipe industry with newest data and a brief overview of their business and finance along with their upcoming business strategies. The review gives valuable insight on various kinds of pipe joints such as ductile metal, PVC, cement pipe, metal pipe etc and their application. The review also focuses on the increasing requirement of PVC pipe joints and the most recent trend of CPVC pipe joints. The review presents the analysis of the industry dimension and also forecasts the long run industry dimension the overall pipe joints industry and different kinds of pipe joints in later on.

Segment Coverage

• PVC Pipes
• Ductile Iron Pipes (DI)
• Cast Iron Pipes (CI)
• Smooth Pipes
• SAW Pipes (HSAW, LSAW)
• Concrete Pipes

Company Coverage

• Finolex Industry Ltd.
• Supreme Industry Ltd.
• Electrosteel casting Ltd.
• Jain Watering System
• Man Industry Ltd.

Executive Summary

The Native indian Pipe Industry has been showing rapid growth since past several years and the reasons for the growth of this industry is improving requirement for services for pipe joints in the irrigation industry, oil and gas industry and also the housing industry. The requirement for metal pipe joints such as seamless pipe joints, HSAW, LSAW pipe joints is improving as the need for oil and gas transport in Native indian is increasing. The requirement for plastic pipe joints such as PVC and CPVC is also improving as these pipe joints are better in quality and durability. Infrastructure growth, urbanization and the subsequent growth of residential and industrial construction are facilitating the growth of the pipe industry in Native indian.

The Govt of Native indian is arriving up with new projects and investments in the irrigation industry. The focus of the government is on rural h2o management, which will be fulfilled only when there will be proper transport of h2o to the end-user. This is one of the significant requirement motorists of the pipe industry along with expansion of housing industry and improving requirement for services for oil and gas transportation

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