Global Municipal Solid Waste Management Market: Trends & Opportunities (2013-18)

Global Municipal Solid Waste Management Market: Trends & Opportunities (2013-18)

Aarkstore Enterprise (India), 2nd August , 2013 : The report titled “Global Municipal Solid Waste Management Market: Trends and Opportunities (2013-2018)” analyzes the potential opportunities and significant trends associated with the global Municipal solid waste Management Industry. The report provides an insight into the dynamics of waste management industry and assesses the municipal solid waste market both in value and volume terms. The report discusses the regional market share of the industry and also includes the municipal solid waste collection and disposal based on regional geographies. It also describes how the composition of solid waste in a region varies based on demographics, socio-economic factors, climatic conditions and macroeconomic indicators. In the country wise analysis, the report discusses about the market size of solid waste management in United States, the recycling trend in the country, the statistics of industrial waste in the U.S. and treatment facilities. China, India and United Kingdom are few other countries covered in the report. The report also covers the various issues and challenges associated with the industry and analyzes the various promising factors driving the waste management industry. The report also profiles the major companies operating in the waste management industry and analyzes the business strategies and expansion plans of major players catering to the market.

Geographical Coverage

o Global
o United States
o India
o China
o United Kingdom

Company Coverage

o Covanta
o Waste Management
o Republic services
o Waste Connections

Executive Summary

Today, the issue of solid waste management has become a major concern for every nation across the globe. The issue is causing serious threats to environment health and human safety. Every year over 1 billion tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) is generated worldwide.

Solid waste management industry covers three categories – waste collection and transportation, processing and disposal of the municipal solid waste. Growing economy, fast urbanization, rising industrialization has become the primary factors driving the municipal solid waste management industry. In addition, various governmental policies and measures from local bodies are facilitating the growth of the industry. Such initiatives have led to the expansion of waste management industry.

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